Benchmark Qualifying Rate
Prime Rate
5-year Canada Bond Yield
Overnight Target Rate
30-day Bankers' Acceptances
5-year Fixed Mortgage
Variable Mortgage
5-year Fixed – Bond Yield
Variable – BA
Fixed-Variable Mortgage
Next BoC Meeting 13 Jul, 2016
% Chance Hike Next Meeting
% Chance Hike in One Year
Prime Rate (Year-end 2016)
Prime Rate (Year-end 2017)
5-year Yield (Year-end 2016)
5-year Yield (Year-end 2017)
5-year Fixed (Year-end 2016)
5-year Fixed (Year-end 2017)
Average Home Price (CREA)
Average Price Gain (y/y)
Home Sales Growth (y/y)
Months of Inventory
Inventory Growth (y/y)
Full-time Job Gains (Last mo.)
Full-time Job Gains (6-mo. avg)
Core CPI Canada (Last mo.)
Core CPI U.S. (Last mo.)
Canada GDP (Latest qtr.)

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